Ice Cream Meltdown

  • Genre : Preschool / Family / Comedy
  • Format : 52 episode x 7 minutes
  • Target : Age 2-5 Pre-school
For five year-old Kongsuni life is one big, beautiful adventure. Whether it's at home, in school or on the playground, everyday experiences have a way of becoming exceptional when this little girl is around! One minute she’s flying an airplane through the clouds. Next, she’s a top chef working on a culinary masterpiece. Then, a superhero swooping in to save the day. There's never a dull moment in Kongsuni's world! The secret? Her best friend: a magical talking owl named Seyo. Any awesome scenario that Kongsuni dreams up, Seyo can make into reality with his special powers. And the coolest part is that no one else knows about him!
While she loves hopping through fantasy worlds, Kongsuni is still very close to her real-life family. She adores her little sister Chloe, and spends lots of time playing with and taking care of her. Their Mom works from home, so she's always around to lend a hand when Kongsuni gets into a sticky situation. Growing up isn’t always easy, but with Kongsuni and her friends it's sure to be exciting. Together they explore, learn about nature, and go on wild journeys! Plus Seyo is always nearby, ready to help navigate all the challenges that childhood throws their way. Kongsuni’s imagination has no limits, and neither does the fun she's going to have!
Everyone's invited along for the ride - including you!

Meet the Characters


Age: 5, Female.
Personality : Cheerful, Smart, Truthful, Enthusiastic and Curious.
Characteristics : Creative, likes ice cream.

Kongsuni is a very creative girl, who is good with expressing her feelings and putting everything she imagines into words. She likes to act on her thoughts, and learn from her experiences. This hasty tendency may lead to conflict with her mother sometimes, but Kongsuni is quick to admit to her mistakes and always tries to solve the problems she creates. She's always coming up with something fun and fresh to do!